Review: +1 Channels – Are they still needed?

On demand content access has improved significantly in recent years, so I thought it would be useful to evaluate if there is a point to keeping these channels. +1 channels of the likes of ITV and Channel 4 were established to allow viewers to catch a show that they might have just missed the start…Read moreRead more

Review: Humax HDR-1800T 320GB Freeview+ HD Smart Digital TV Recorder

Photos to follow. The Humax HDR-1800T is Freeview HD personal video recorder (PVR) box, allowing you to record Freeview TV programmes to watch later. It is compatible with the latest TVB-T2 standard, allowing you to watch Freeview HD services. This box can also be connected to the internet (via cable), allowing access to streamed channels…Read moreRead more